Check out my music and let’s collaborate!

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About my passion for music

Welcome to the little corner of my website where I get to share with you all of my varied and quirky passions for music. Whether it’s an original song, an acoustic cover or just something I’ve recorded for fun. I’ve created this part of the site, so that I can share anything that inspires me musically and share with you all.

If you share the same passion for music and songwriting as me, please reach out and let’s collaborate. I am on a mission to write a hit song before I die and would love to do this with you!

Let’s do this! :)

Check out my original songwriting work


My former original band “Santacruz”

Check out some of our tracks below


Co-writing work

with the amazing Sebastian Lorefice & Adam Calaitzis (studio engineer) Toyland Studios. Link to catalogue here:


Acoustic “like a versions”

See a compilation of our favourite acoustic songs